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The following list identifies many of the economic development incentives potentially available. In addition to the local incentives, DevelopAbilene can assist businesses in gaining the maximum benefit from state, federal, and other government entities incentives programs.

Type A Sales Tax

In 1989 Abilene became the first city in Texas to pass a 1/2 cent sales tax to support economic development. The Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA) is charged with administering sales tax revenues and is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. Our economic incentive packages are fully controlled at the local level and are not dependent on State or County approval. Every economic development incentive package is prepared to meet the best possible solution for your company’s relocation needs.

The City of Abilene collects the Type A sales tax that is intended for manufacturing and industrial development. Economic development organizations may use Type A revenue to fund land, buildings, equipment, facilities expenditures, targeted infrastructure and improvements for projects including:

  • manufacturing and industrial facilities, recycling facilities, distribution centers, and small warehouse facilities;
  • research and development facilities, regional or national corporate headquarters facilities, primary job training facilities operated by higher education institutions, job training classes, telephone call centers and career centers not located within a junior college taxing district;
  • certain infrastructure improvements that promote or develop new or expanded business enterprises;
  • aviation facilities;
  • commuter rail, light rail or commuter bus operations;
  • port-related facilities, railports, rail switching facilities, marine ports, inland ports; and
  • maintenance and operating costs associated with projects.

A new company may qualify for assistance in one or more of the below categories:

Job Creation Incentives

DevelopAbilene can offer job creation incentives ranging from $1,000 to more than 35% of the first year annual salary per full-time job dependent on regular salary and non-mandatory employee benefits. The amount per job is typically paid over 3 to 5 years based on actual job creation.  

Grants/Forgivable Loans & Loan Participations for Capital Investment

DevelopAbilene can offer assistance for capital investment, in lieu of tax abatement, to total 10% or more of capital investment costs within the City limits. For projects outside the City limits but within Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), DevelopAbilene can offer 7% or more to assist with capital investment costs.

Grants for A&E for code compliance

DevelopAbilene can offer 25% or more toward the architectural & engineering services and cost of alterations for code compliance of existing buildings within the City limits.

Job training grants

DevelopAbilene can offer $500 or more per job created upon completion of both training and employee probation period.

Relocation grants

Grants totaling 15% or more of relocation costs for equipment, key personnel, etc. can be offered by DevelopAbilene to new or existing businesses.